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    SINJI is a global boutique law firm specialized in Intellectual property law. Our practice includes prosecution, litigation, strategic counseling and licensing of patents, trademarks, copyrights and designs. To contribute to the development of clients that are committed to creative research and development, SINJI PATENT FIRM was founded in 2005 by Lee and Yu. Lee had worked as a patent examinerand a litigator at KIPO(Korean Intellectual Property Office) and Yu had worked as a researcher at ETRI(Electronic and Telecommunication Research Institute). Now we have patent attorneys having various engineering backgrounds, general lawyers, trademark attorneys, united states patent attorneys and patent agents.

    SINJI(信智) literally means “Faithful Intelligence" that is to say,
    We aim to be trusted professionals helping clients build intellectual property.

    We work with our clients to investigate and avoid competitors' patent risks during their product development, to build a best intellectual property portfolio from our client’s technical achievements through a strategic approach, to provide reliable services that protect our clients’ business from competitors’ challenges.