• We offer our expertise to our clients in a full spectrum of services regarding preparation and prosecution of patent applications in Korean Intellectual Property Office(KIPO), as well as PCT and foreign patent applications. Before joining SINJI, our attorneys gained a wide range of experiences in government, academia and business, with backgrounds including patent examiner, appeal examiner or solicitor at the KIPO, researchers at the government research institute, and engineers for some global companies.

    Additionally, our highly experienced, multi-national support staff with their latest technological tools supports high volumes of patent applications efficiently and reliably.

    Our attorneys are endeavouring to expedite examination toward a successful conclusion, with claims that meet our clients’ practical business needs and anticipate future uncertainties. For example, we often have a face-to-face interview with Examiners to facilitate communication. Also, we utilize Patent Prosecution Highway(PPH) or an expedited examination process that is unique in KIPO to meet our clients’ business schedule.